Living Darwin


The premiere of Living Darwin will occur at 7:30 pm Oct 7-9, 2009 in Squires Studio Theatre at Virginia Tech with pre-show conversation and cookies beginning at 7:00pm. We are also hosting a special performance on Oct 6th for classes and other interested groups at 7:30pm in the Squires Studio Theatre.

Download the Living Darwin Poster or  Read the Living Darwin Press Release.

This original, interactive performance explores the ways in which Darwin’s writings and thought – as well as the popular and scientific receptions, interpretations, refutations, and expansions that have followed – continue to profoundly impact contemporary understandings of the natural world, as well as the place of humans within it. Whether or not you understand or even believe in evolutionary theory, this performance asks you to explore how your sense of personal identity and your interactions with others are shaped by stories, concepts and metaphors that are linked to evolutionary thought.

Created by Ann Kilkelly with Bob Leonard, in conjunction with Carol Burch Brown, Saul Halfon, Jane Lehr, Cora Olson, the Living Darwin cast and our 2008-09 performance development workshop participants.

Guest artist participants in performance development include  Celeste Miller, Elise Witt, Kristen Shumaker, and Megan Carney.

Guest subject matter experts involved in performance development include Martha McCaughey (Appalachian State) and Banu Subramaniam (UMass Amherst), as well as Virginia Tech faculty, staff and alumni: Richard Burian, George Glasson, Matthew Goodrum, Steve Harrison, Sarah Karpanty, Ignacio Moore, Simone Paterson, Sandy Schneider, and Tom Staley.

Related Events

  • A Living Darwin Workshop at the annual meeting of the Society for the Social Studies of Science in Washington, DC (Oct 28 to Nov 1, 2009) (website);
  • A “Celebration of Darwin – A Conference on Darwin’s Origin” on Nov 4, 2009 at Virginia Tech (website);
    • A Living Darwin Workshop will occur in the evening of this conference.
  • A Choices and Challenges forum on the “Inner Life of Animals” on Nov 5, 2009 at Virginia Tech (website);  and,
  • The Singing Darwin Project will culminate at Virginia Tech and online on Nov 24, 2009  (website).